LBF Astronomical Observatory

Leeuwenboschfontein Observatory (LBF) is the realisation of the dreams of a group of amateur astronomers, John Richards, Eddy Nijeboer, Marius Reitz, Willem Brazelle and Leslie Rose. Their vision: to make the beauty of the Universe accessible to all who have ever looked up at the night sky.

The Observatory is privately owned and operated and is located on a secluded spot within the Leeuwenboschfontein Guest Farm which lies at the gateway to the Central Karoo. Farm owner Johan Roux generously provided the land and infrastructure for the observatory. The observatory has a 16-inch Dobsonian telescope while other privately-owned telescopes are brought up by the attending astronomers for events.

At an altitude of 1100m, this location offers an extraordinary view of the night sky that is nearly free from light pollution. From our vantage point of 33°S latitude, you will be able to see the beautiful constellations, stars and galaxies of the southern hemisphere, and marvel at the Milky Way spanning overhead.

A typical evening at the Observatory starts with a brief slideshow and is followed by a tour of the night sky, during which our enthusiastic and expert guides will show you the best cosmic sights through our telescopes.
The observatory is open to the public two Saturdays a month, which will be on new Moon and third quarter Moon.

Please note we are not open during Full Moon, First Quarter Moon, or when the weather is bad.



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Email: [email protected]

  • Marius Reitz  079 515 3571
  • Eddy Nijeboer  082 335 4851
  • John Richards  083 703 0265
  • Willem Brazelle  082 579 7816
  • Leslie Rose 083 308 6787

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